Greenleaf Scented Sachets

 Greenleaf are a family owned company, established since 1975.  They are the biggest manufacturers of home fragrances in America.


These drawer sachets are truly gorgeous and can be used in all sorts of places.  Placing one on a radiator fragrances the whole room.   The fragrance in the sachets lasts four months and therefore is a much cheaper alternative to scented candles.  They can also be used in drawers, in your hoover to scent your rooms, in your car .. the list is endless.  Kelvin Pharmacy stocks a large range of fragrances including Garden Breeze,  Sea spray, Jasmine, lavender, Classic Linen, Citrus Samba, Island Sunset, Orange & Honey, First Blush, Roses, Pomegranate,  Blushing Tulips and  Haven.  We also stock many festive scents over the Christmas periods which are great presents.  Once you have tried one you’ll be hooked.

greenleaf drawer sachetgreenleaf drawer sachet