Alvarez Gomez


Alvarez Gomez is the oldest perfumery in Madrid (Spain). Its first and most celebrated fragrance Agua de Colonia Concentrada was created in 1912. It had immediate success and became a recognizable scent of the Homeland for generations of Spanish people.

Agua de Colonia Concentrada is an aromatic citrus blend of Mediterranean fruits (bergamot and lemon) and flowers (lavender, orange blossom, geranium).

Citruses greet you first, their bright sunbeams passing through aromatic herbs and catching some bitter tones. Lavender’ s powdery note appears very naturally from a bunch of aromatic nuances and slows down the composition’ s lively rhythm to an intimate whisper. The fragrance cozily settles on your skin and perfectly fulfills expectations of cologne—to refresh and to relax.

Agua de Colonia Barberia is a fresh and elegant fragrance for today’s man. This seductive yet understated scent manages to be contemporary whilst evoking the timeless qualities of the original Agua de Colonia.

Citrus top notes play over an oriental–aromatic accord, releasing the woody-musky base notes that impart a lasting but subtle scent on the skin.

We stock a wide range in the Agua de Colonia Concentrada including hand wash, body lotion, roll on, deodorant spray, cologne, travel bag and candles.

In the Agua de Colonia Barberia range we stock the cologne and shaving foam.