Mason & Pearson


Please do not hesitate to phone Kelvin Pharmacy for any information regarding these brushes.  We can take payment over the phone and post the brush to you if more convenient.

This company has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of quality, hand-made hairbrushes. Their unique pneumatic rubber-cushion pad, made by hand, using Mason Pearson’s original techniques, allows for effective and efficient brushing. It is gentle to use and massages the scalp.

The cellulose plastic handle is hand-polished and very comfortable to hold. The brushes are produced in three distinct types, specially formulated for specific hair lengths and types:Mason Pearson Kelvin Pharmacy Glasgow

 1. PURE BRISTLE BRUSHES for fine to normal hair.

Choice of models:

  • Large Extra B1
  • Small Extra B2
  • Handy Bristle B3
  • Pocket Bristle B4
  • Sensitive SB3
  • Childs CB4

2. BRISTLE AND NYLON MIXTURE BRUSHES for normal to thick hair.

Choice of models:

  • Popular BN1
  • Junior BN2
  • Handy Bristle and Nylon BN3
  • Pocket Bristle and Nylon BN4

3. NYLON BRUSHES for very thick or coarse hair – please phone for prices.

4. MENS MILITARY – please phone for prices